Siren Studio Hollywood Book/Portrait/Movie Event

Check this out! I’ve gone Hollywood!

May 14 was one of the happiest days of my life! We had about 50 people coming and going at Siren Studios in Hollywood. We had an open photo shoot for LGBT binational couples for the United by Love, Divided by Law Portrait Project David W. Ross and I are doing to get awareness about LGBT binational couples. It was our second shoot and we got 11 or 12 new portraits.

It was the book launch event for Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Law, my book published by Findhorn Press.

It was a chance for David W. Ross to share about his upcoming movie about this issue called I Do – and it was close to the end of his funding campaign on kickstarter. (He got funded!)

It was a chance for people to see the new DeVote Campaign film about Out4Immigration and Brynn and Lisa got to meet and greet people and vice versa.

It was a chance for Amos Lim of Out4Immigration to share what that grassroots group does.

It was a chance for Lavi Soloway to talk about LGBT binational couples and the work he does as the lawyer in the news all the time.

It was a chance for the crew doing a documentary on a couple together 40 years and still not safe in the U.S. together to film them participating in the portrait project and talking to me and Karin about the book and what we have been doing.

It was a chance for Karen Ocamb of Frontiers and lgbt pov online to see the book and portrait project and the other things going on.

It was a chance for everyone to meet and mingle and for those feeling alone and helpless it was a terrific day to feel like they were not alone and helpless.

It’s all part of what is growing as the book makes its way out into the world and finds others working on the solutions we need too! Makes me proud and humbled and still feeling like a mother hen (that’s an ok thing!)

Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from the day – we have lots of them!

Start of the day with Thierry outside the studio. Wow!

With Lavi Soloway, the immigration lawyer helping so many LGBT families with their immigration cases.

Playing in the studio – felt great!

Karin had fun too!

My Findhorn Press folks, publisher Thierry Bogliolo and publicist Gail Torr – what a team!

My special additional publicist for Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Law, Andrew Oldershaw from Fifteen Minutes. His team was amazing!

Joey is on Andrew’s team and got great press for the event!

David W. Ross and I are creating the United by Love, Divided by Law Portrait Project. David took photos for the project that day. He also is producing a movie about our issue, called I Do. Production starts in July and we will be excited to see it finished!

The gang!

All set up and ready to go!

Chris from Siren Studios was our go-to guy!

Linda Birch interviewed us that day for IMRU Radio.

Karen Ocamb came to the event and did a great piece on lgbt pov.

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