Check Out this Blog – Entered in BBC Contest by Graduate Journalism Student in UK

Karin has been interviewed, as has Philippa and Michael and Claire and Katie and CJ and Graham and others from the UK with same-sex spouses in this very amazing and interesting blog by a UK graduate journalism student, Brian Plumridge. Click on the link for his blog, Blue Suburban Skies, which includes artwork and audio clips. The issue of gay and lesbian UK nationals married to US spouses is approached in an interesting manner. Brian has taken the position that the UK government could and should help UK citizens with their DOMA fight. Check it out at:

Thanks to Brian for his work and being an ally to us. Thanks to those couples who participated. Thanks to William Laidlaw from the US Embassy Visas Office, London. Thanks to Professor Bill Jones, Liverpool Hope University.  Thanks to Member of Parliament Stephen Twigg, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, UK. Thanks to Congressman Mike Honda from the US who were interviewed. And thanks to the UK government when they act on this!

Here’s my usual sign-off to give you more information on our struggle and those who help us…


Immigration Equality, Out4Immigration and Love Exiles Foundation are the three groups working on our issue – and the three groups who receive whatever money comes in from sales of my book, Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Law, Findhorn Press, 2011.

My newer project, with David W. Ross, whose new film “I Do: The Movie” will be out in June 2012, is a portrait project of LGBT binational families, United by Love, Divided by Law Portrait Project. It expands the reach of my book and will keep adding portraits as we find couples and funds to add more. We will hold events to assist the work being done for our families by Lavi Soloway and Stop the Deportations – The DOMA Project. Check out the site at

and see the Facebook page at

To follow Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Law, go to its Facebook page at:

Read an excerpt of my book at this link:

Order online from the publisher at this link:

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote the foreword to my book. She is an ally in our fight and has suffered from the immigration situation herself as part of a binational relationship. Though she and her boyfriend were able to marry, they know what the drill was and they advocate for LGBT binational families. We like that!

Remember, too, you can follow me and what I am doing and thinking and reading on twitter   @tornapartbook

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