Our Marriages Seem To Be Of Such An Interest….I’m Not So Interested in Everyone Else’s, Are You?

Today Karin and I will add our voices to the complaints and challenges on marriage equality in our city. Our mayor, Chuck Reed, mayor of the 10th largest city in America, San Jose, California, has refused to add his name to the list of big city mayors supporting marriage equality. We don’t like that and a group called San Jose Freedom to Marry Coalition doesn’t like it either. We will be at City Hall tonight to share our views.

Three of our City Council, Ash Kalra, Don Rocha and Kansen Chu, agree with us and want the city to go on record supporting marriage equality. I am proud to call them brothers and to say that I have supported them and helped them get elected. I see them often at events and appreciate their solidarity and support. The others, the great majority, do not support us or have dodged the issue. Sad to say, I had helped a couple of them get elected in the past and now regret how this issue has turned out.

That’s what we are up to later today, but here’s a repost of Prop 8 Trial Tracker’s post today – look what else is happening in California regarding marriage equality today.

BREAKING: 9th Circuit DENIES request to re-hear Prop 8 case

June 5, 2012

By Scottie Thomaston


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Quite frankly, I never thought I would have any right to decide on the mayor’s marriage – or anyone else’s for that matter. Don’t think Mayor Reed should get the same right for mine, you know?

Here’s my regular sign off for my blog posts…

Immigration Equality, Out4Immigration and Love Exiles Foundation are the three groups working on our issue – and the three groups who receive whatever money comes in from sales of my book, Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Law, Findhorn Press, 2011.

My newer project, with David W. Ross, whose new film “I Do: The Movie” will be out in June 2012, is a portrait project of LGBT binational families, United by Love, Divided by Law Portrait Project. It expands the reach of my book and will keep adding portraits as we find couples and funds to add more. We will hold events to assist the work being done for our families by Lavi Soloway and Stop the Deportations – The DOMA Project. Check out the site at


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Elizabeth Gilbert wrote the foreword to my book. She is an ally in our fight and has suffered from the immigration situation herself as part of a binational relationship. Though she and her boyfriend were able to marry, they know what the drill was and they advocate for LGBT binational families. We like that!

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